BIO'S is a family-run artisan business that transforms Tuscia's excellences into high-quality cosmetics.


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BIO’S COSM-ETICA = young Italian company committed to sustainable cosmetics.

Who they are.

They live and work in Tuscia, in the green heart of Italy in close contact with earth, water and light, synergies that transform raw materials of organic excellence for the magical world of BIO’S.

The production laboratories are entrusted to a team of young experts who invest commitment, study and work to achieve a functional organic cosmetic product.

BIO’S COSM-ETICA studies and applies innovative techniques in synergy with nature to its products, giving birth to high quality and 100% natural artisanal cosmetics, thanks to formulations obtained from collaborations with scientists, biologists, naturopaths and cosmetic formulators, with the aim of giving birth to a natural beauty product while leaving, however, unchanged the balance of the Earth’s ecosystem, protecting the environment thanks also to the use of raw materials from zero km.

All BIO’S products are 100% natural products, no products are tested on animals Bio’s producs are sustainable cosmetics.