Stew kale, sauté, boil kale and cut into fine strips. Puree the stir-fry, add the kale, mix and serve as a sauce, side dish or stuff some good green bruschetta.
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Black cabbage – black kale recipe

Black cabbage – kale stew.


Have you ever cooked kale out of soup?

How to prepare kale?

Clean the kale, removing the tough inner ribs, then boil it and cut it into fine strips.

Make a stir-fry with onion, ham and a little extra virgin olive oil ( if you have, pour in some vegetable broth while cooking).

Ross it well and pour in some vegetable broth as needed.

Pass the resulting gravy through a strainer or blend it so that it becomes a smooth sauce and then add the black cabbage that you have previously boiled and finely chopped, add a little pepper and salt ( just enough), let it all mix together on high heat for a few