BODY FARM natural cosmetics, products from natural raw materials, controlled supply chain, use of packaching from recyclable materials, Body farm is also labor protection, Body farm is sustainable cosmetics


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The family business was founded in 1950 thanks to the intuition of its progenitor who understood the importance and began processing olive by-products.

The skill in processing this pure and natural raw material is passed down from generation to generation. In 1989, Nikolaos Partsalakis, grandson creates the BODY FARM

The principles always in “…respecting nature and man…”

5,500 different plant species of the Greek flora are the inexhaustible raw material for high-quality natural products.

BODY FARM products are not tested on animals.

Packaging comes from recyclable materials.
The company invests a significant portion of profit in the areas of research, study and development of new natural cosmetic products.
Prices are affordable for everyone.
The company pays attention not only to the raw materials, the product, the supply chain but also to the workers who contribute to the company.
For all these reasons, BODY FARM is an established reality OF SUSTAINABLE COSMESIS.