LAMPUGA Coryphaena hippurus

Lampuga, a seasonal fish found from May to September. An oily fish rich in Omega-3, mineral salts and vitamins. A dish that everyone will love, rich and healthy. Enjoy your meal!


Rice with canestrelli, clams veragi or other shellfish, a summer dish that can not miss on the tables set with the Mediterranean sun, a good glass of white wine. Good life to everyone!


A bolognese in a light version with noodles or rice noodles, which are originally from China, typical of the cuisine of the East. Try it, it's a tasty version of spaghetti with bolognese souce.


Carbonara vegan, bacon yes, parmesan yes, onion yes, zucchini yes, different yes, but very good but good good good good, try it!


Salvia, derives from the Latin salus - health, due to its healing properties. It has a disinfectant function, aromatic, astringent, digestive, diuretic, stimulating, lowers blood sugar, is rich in natural estrogens, useful against insect bites, against gum inflammation. Used to whiten teeth, purify breath. Finally, in the culinary sphere, one cannot do without sage.