Conscious cosmetics, fair trade supply chain, organic cosmetics, product safety guarantee, low environmental impact. La Saponaria

La Saponaria – conscious cosmetics

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conscious cosmetics

La Saponaria conscious cosmetics

Conscious cosmetics, natural products, respect for the environment, respect for human labor.

Fair trade – products with organic raw materials that even if they come from far away, fair compensation is given to the workers involved in the production process

Organic cosmetics; guaranteeing product safety and benefits for those who use them. Low environmental impact for ingredients used.

Respect for animals

Hand – made

Ethical supply chain: the ingredients of “La Saponari” products are ethically selected, grown and processed. In seasonal changes or even right after the holidays, it is a good habit to purify our body, our skin to feel lighter and invigorated.

La Saponaria” products that care for their ingredients, all of which are sourced from small artisans and farms that care for the environment by providing raw materials that make the recipes of the cosmetics special.

La Saponaria creates products with organic certificates, behind each recipe is self-production, continuous research of ingredients, formulas with low environmental impact, gentle and effective on our skin.

La Saponaria, artisanal laboratory of eco-organic cosmetics