The results provided interesting information about adolescents' reactions to COVID-19. Regarding concerns and fears, most adolescents reported being: worried but not too much, one-third little or not at all

Covid19 is affecting our society in many ways. Italian researchers wanted to test in “real time” the effects of change on young people, the so-called millennials. The results are encouraging

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coronavirus and millenials

Covid19 is greatly affecting our society. Italian researchers have carried out a research in “real time” on the effects of the change on the so-called millennials. The results are more than positive.
The pandemic phenomenon has entered everyday life and has upset the normal behavior of individuals and families. The experience is totally new and it is not easy to imagine how today’s teenagers can react to this situation, given that they live in a generally overprotective social environment.
Researchers carried out a real-time survey on a large group of Italian adolescents with the aim of detecting the psycho-social effects induced by the spread of the pandemic.
The cross-sectional study was conducted in March 2020 and involved a sample of 2064 adolescents.
Data were collected from the survey entitled “Teenagers and COVID-19” as part of the Survey on Adolescents’ Lifestyles conducted by the “Italian Society of Adolescent Medicine” and the “Laboratorio Adolescenza” Association, in collaboration with the Pediatric Department of the University of Pavia.
The selection of school classes was causal according to a factorial design that considered the geographical distribution .
Students were asked to complete a questionnaire.
Four thematic areas were considered: their concerns and fears, the area of information, the area of provisions to counteract, and the area of repercussions on daily life.
The analysis studied socio-personal variables such as age, gender, and geographic location.
The results provided interesting information about adolescents’ reactions to COVID-19.