Mussels, called pedoci in the upper Adriatic, are a tasty and simple dish. All you need is a little parsley, garlic, oil and a drizzle of white wine to enjoy the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy your meal
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The mussels, a traditional dish of the poor cuisine, rediscovered has become a simple but really tasty dish.

The preparation is really simple. Remember to clean the mussels very well, removing the beard and all calcareous impurities with a small knife.

They are washed well under running water for a few minutes, drained and then cooked.

chopped parsley to taste

200 gr of breadcrumbs

1 glass of white wine

Salt, pepper to taste

stale bread

After cleaning the mussels well, prepare the chopped garlic, parsley, oil, and breadcrumbs in a saucepan and add the mussels. Let them brown over low heat, keep the lid on the casserole, add the white wine and stir occasionally. Cook until the mussels have opened. Rub the stale bread slices with garlic and a dash of extra virgin olive oil. Brown the bread slices in the oven with the grill.

Impregnate the mussels, add pepper and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Garnish with bread croutons.

Good appetite