Dalton marine cosmetics starts with a woman and her passion for beauty and the sea. Dalton marine cosmetics uses only raw materials from sustainable, traceable sources

The DALTON story begins with one woman and her passion for beauty and the sea. In almost four decades of pioneering spirit and unceasing commitment, Erika Bauer realised her dream: to create an exclusive skincare line based on human evolution and the idea that life originates from the sea. With the purchase of the Dalton brand in 1976, Erika Bauer laid the foundation for the development of professional cosmetics. Since then, the name Dalton has been synonymous with high-quality skincare products developed and produced in Germany.

The celumer marine extract forms the basis of DALTON anti-gas cosmetics and comprises six active ingredients that interact to rejuvenate, nourish and protect the skin.

Celumer Marine Extract is exclusive to DALTON SEA COSMETICS. Thanks to its extraordinary rejuvenating effect, the extract is present in all DALTON anti-ageing products.

Combination of the best marine active ingredients in an exclusive composition that fully meets the needs of all skin types.

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Natural raw materials from the sea – sustainable cosmetics

For Dalton, attention to raw materials is essential; marine ingredients and other raw materials, such as palm oil, come only from sustainable sources. In light of recent concerns, we have decided to use only certified palm oil from sustainably managed sources (so-called ‘mass balance certification’) in our new formulations.

Not tested on animals

Dalton products are not tested on animals and do not use raw materials tested on animals. By producing professional skincare lines, Dalton has a large pool of participants to document the efficacy and tolerability of new formulations = traceable supply chain = sustainable cosmetics.