Sustainable cosmetics

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DERMOREVITA is a young company that is part of the sustainable cosmetics cd companies.

It is a young and dynamic “beauty company” with the primary goal of the production of natural and organic cosmetics.

Dermorevita was born from a network of farms operating in the Umbrian territory,
specifically in Gualdo Tadino, which share a common will, namely, to employ in the cosmetic field, the respective raw materials produced, in association with other ingredients of plant origin.

What are eco-friendly cosmetics?

Dermorevita’s products are products with natural and sustainable connotations

Dermorevita favors a conscious and sustainable approach, with a strong concern for both consumer and environmental health.

Dermorevita uses only recyclable packaging and FSC-certified papers.

They do not perform any kind of testing on animals.

They do not perform any kind of testing on animals.

A responsible choice, which is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy, with which we have started and intend to continue on this path.

The selected ingredients are all ntural, aided by state-of-the-art delivery systems. All formulas are free of silicones, parabens, mineral oils, color.


The ingredients in DERMOREVITA‘s products are all of organic origin; they are products that are for all intents and purposes part of the so-called sustainable cosmetics and traceable supply chain.

Donkey milk, natural moisturizer and nourisher
Snail slime, regeneratne and anti – age.

Aloe vera juice ( moisturizing and regenerating), olive oil ( emollient and nourishing), calendula extract ( moisturizing and anti-inflammatory), mallow extract ( softening and protective), cucumber extract ( astrigent and soothing) , corn starch ( emollient and softening), goji berry extract ( invigorating and regenerating), chamomile extract ( soothing and decongestant), shea butter ( nourishing and soothing), jojoba seed oil ( moisturizing and soothing), sweet almond oil ( emollient and elasticizing), grapefruit juice ( moisturizing and anti-inflammatory) gingko biloba extract ( moisturizing anti-inflammatory) corn starch ( moisturizing and anti-inflammatory), avocado oil ( nourishing and regenerating) rosehip oil, ( regenerating and antioxidant) cocoa seed extract ( anithioxidant and moisturizing) hydrolyzed wheat protein ( moisturizing and volumizing) , hydrolyzed rice protein ( moisturizing and volumizing) , sodium pca ( moisturizing and elasticizing), wheat germ oil ( antioxidant and elasticizing) hyaluronic acid ( moisturizing and protective), lavender extract ( anti-inflammatory and soothing).

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