DISCLAIMER & COPYRIGHT www.greeneatchef.com

DISCLAIMER & COPYRIGHT www.greeneatchef.com

Greeneatchef is not a newspaper, journal or similar.

Greeneatchef was born from the idea of sharing news, useful information pertaining to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Greeneatchef is an information resource, a “catalog” of carefully selected information and products that meet the site’s mission and are summarized in the three elements of which it is composed-Recipe Book, Beauty, Science-so : the science that the site is concerned with is green science and that is science that has an interdisciplinary approach and focuses on research and development of sustainable, low environmental impact technologies and methodologies to peserguire as effectively as possible the goal of protecting and preserving the environment and at the same time to promote the only possible development and that is sustainable development; green agriculture is sustainable agriculture that involves the use of ecologically sound, economically viable and socially equitable practices for all people; BEAUTY is BEAUTY GREEN, it means a new approach to beauty, focused on the use of natural and sustainable products, avoiding ingredients that are harmful to the environment and to the health of people and animals; green beauty also encourages the practice of healthy lifestyles, such as physical activity and a balanced diet, to improve the health of the mind and body.

Greeneatchef does not fall under the regulations of the Publishing Law L. No. 62, 07.03.2001

Greeneatchef gives utmost attention to the copyright regulation of third-party material used, but if – unintentionally – copyrighted material is published please let us know using the contact form. Such material will be removed immediately upon becoming aware of the infringement itself.

Trademarks and names mentioned by the site belong to their respective owners.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, collaboration on this site is to be considered entirely free and voluntary.
The author of the blog, the author of the articles is not responsible for the linked sites, nor for their content, which may be subject to change over time.
Greeneatchef disclaims any responsibility for any inappropriate content or links that may be contained in comments or articles or in the link even indirectly made through backlinks to pages, articles or in any area of the blog. Comments deemed offensive or inappropriate will be promptly removed and in case unintentionally some of them slip through the cracks, they will be promptly deleted as soon as a notification is received about them.
All text, images and videos posted on this site (unless otherwise specified), are the property of the site, have been duly purchased and are therefore legally owned, and may not be used or downloaded without prior written request which must be followed by appropriate authorization. Any violation, even unintentional, of copyright compliance will be prosecuted in the manner and terms of the law.

The information on this site represents personal opinion only, is given in absolute good faith, and is believed to be accurate. Articles of a more purely scientific nature are supervised and approved by a medical professional and in any case represent neither medical advice nor medical opinion. Any medical opinion, advice should be sought in person only from a specialist. The site, the contributors assume no responsibility whatsoever for the inappropriate use of the information contained in the articles on the site.
In any case, the information may contain inaccuracies or be vitiated by typographical errors. The authors therefore reserve the right to change, update or delete the contents of the blog without prior notice.
The information in this blog is for illustrative purposes only and in no way constitutes medical advice.
Under no circumstances does the information contained in the articles on Greeneatchef’s site substitute for any medical advice, examination, or diagnosis given by a physician.
The information contained on the site should NOT be considered as suggestions for formulating a diet. Use of the information is the responsibility, control and discretion of the user.
It is reiterated that:
for any decision regarding your health status, it is strongly recommended that you consult your medical professional.
Acceptance of browsing implies acceptance of this disclaimer.

The nutritional power of some foods may not yet have been accepted or established by official medicine, so it cannot be ruled out that they may prove ineffective or harmful to health. For this reason, it is reiterated that the information drawn from the articles, although it is always under the supervision of a physician, must be examined in relation to the individual, individual user, individual state of health, and that it is therefore necessary to consult one’s own physician first.
The information contained in the articles is, therefore, subject to scrupulous verification, but despite this, it is not excluded that the information may unintentionally contain errors. For this reason, it is necessary for each person to follow the instructions of his or her own physician.

In no event shall the author of the article, contributor, administrator be held liable for any damages whether direct or indirect, or from problems caused by the use of the above information, proposed dietary suggestions, or self-assessment tools provided on this site. It is therefore necessary to consult your physician before embarking on any type of dietary program.

Copying and reproducing the content published on the site in any way or form is prohibited.
Publication and redistribution of content without prior written permission is prohibited. Any violation will be prosecuted in the manner and terms of the law.

March 19, 2023