The fountain of Molochio, the town where a high number of centenarians live, the highest in the world in proportion to the inhabitants, and legend has it that the water of the fountain has miraculous properties
Vandali in azione a Molochio, deturpata fontana “Camillo” | Approdo Calabria

How the periodic adoption of a reduced protein regime increases motor coordination
Aging refers to the changes that occur over time in living and non-living organisms. Such changes are not necessarily negative.

In recent years science has demonstrated how genetic alterations that on the one hand limit the life of an organism, but on the other hand increase its ability to reproduce. This is the rationale behind the thesis of Darwin and Wallace to whom we owe the theory of evolution, which can be summarized in the concept that the lifespan of an organism tends to increase if increased by the ability to generate offspring. In other words, at the base there would be a sort of programming of evolution or procreation. This thesis has not been able to demonstrate that this is also true for human beings. If this were true, in fact, it would follow that human beings would be programmed to die. But human beings are not programmed to die, they are programmed to live.

The fundamental approach is the different point of view from which we have to start, that is how to live, what to eat in order to keep our organism, our intellectual capacities active as long as possible.

Scientist Dr. Longo carried out an interesting research in Equador in 2006, where there was an interesting number of people with growth hormone receptor defect called Laron syndrome. The defect in the receptor showed the correlation of a very low rate of cancer and diabetes, despite following diets not exactly healthy. Hence the connection – the more our body keeps active, even with a healthy diet, the more likely it is to counteract the onset of diseases that would actually arise due to the normal passage of time, because age is the main risk factor in contracting all the most serious diseases.

How to “intervene”? The frontier of modern science is the so-called DIET or MIMA DIGIUNO regime.

In the picture the fountain of Molorchio, the fountain of “longevity”.