Genetic tests help diet. WHO classifies the increasing prevalence of obesity worldwide as a global epidemic.


Obesity worldwide has been classified by the WHO as a global epidemic. Genetic testing helps diet.

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The increasing prevalence of obesity worldwide has been classified by the WHO as a global epidemic.

Genetic tests support the specialist in identifying the appropriate dietary choices, based on scientific data, in this way weight loss is optimized and facilitated.

The FTO gene is associated with fat mass and obesity. It is a fundamental gene. The association of its polymorphism with an increased risk of overweight and obesity has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies. A study in the UK showed that individuals carrying the polymorphism in homozygosity have a reduced sense of satiety and that the association with increased adiposity was also explained by the effects on the constitutionally reduced sense of satiety.
The MC4R gene encodes for the melanocortin-4 receptor, which is implicated in the regulation of body fat and energy intake. Polymorphism promotes overweight; MC4R expression levels have been shown to correlate with body fat distribution and percentage of energy intake from carbohydrates and fat.
The GIPR gene encodes for the glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide receptor and is linked to overweight and obesity. Depending on the genotype, it is possible to identify the best response to a high-glucose but low-glycemic-index and fiber-rich diet.