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In most regions of the world, evaporation from irrigated farmland accounts for by far the largest share of human water consumption.On average, 3000 liters of water are needed to produce the daily food requirements of a human being.Expected population growth coupled with dietary changes suggest that 60% more food will be needed by the year 2050, rising to 100% in developing countries.


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There is a very simple rule to nourish our body and mind, never forget certain types of food, essential for the well-being of our most important organ, the brain.


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Every now and then a good homemade cake, brings cheer to the table, and if they are made with ingredients calibrated and good, the party is assured.


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A good fiber intake is, ultimately, fundamental to human health. It increases the sense of satiety, regulates the lazy bowel, decreases the exposure time of intestinal mucosa cells to harmful substances contained in food, stabilizes postprandial glycemia, reduces the risk of diverticula and hemorrhoids.


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The fountain of Molochio, the town where a high number of centenarians live, the highest in the world in proportion to the inhabitants, and legend has it that the water of the fountain has miraculous properties


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Moringa belongs to the family of moringaceae, appreciated for the nutritional properties of the leaves, rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, and, reduced to powder, used in infusions with sedative or disinfectant function.