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High Fiber Foods. 1020930592 2313x1301
A good fiber intake is, ultimately, fundamental to human health. It increases the sense of satiety, regulates the lazy bowel, decreases the exposure time of intestinal mucosa cells to harmful substances contained in food, stabilizes postprandial glycemia, reduces the risk of diverticula and hemorrhoids.


fontana camillo molochio deturpata
The fountain of Molochio, the town where a high number of centenarians live, the highest in the world in proportion to the inhabitants, and legend has it that the water of the fountain has miraculous properties


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Moringa belongs to the family of moringaceae, appreciated for the nutritional properties of the leaves, rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, and, reduced to powder, used in infusions with sedative or disinfectant function.


Thimus vulgaris, aromatic plant, very loved since ancient times. It has a sweet and bitter taste at the same time, it goes very well with fish, with meat, excellent for omelettes and with all vegetables. It also has many other properties: balsamic, anti-inflammatory, bactericide, regulators of liver function, menstrual flow and others.


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Sea dew, this is rosmary in latin; it is how the ancient Romans called this shrub which grows near the sea, full of scented and colored flowers, loved by bees. Rosemary has countless healthy properties and it is an irreplaceable ingredient in cooking, to flavor meats, but also for new recipes.