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Salvia, derives from the Latin salus - health, due to its healing properties. It has a disinfectant function, aromatic, astringent, digestive, diuretic, stimulating, lowers blood sugar, is rich in natural estrogens, useful against insect bites, against gum inflammation. Used to whiten teeth, purify breath. Finally, in the culinary sphere, one cannot do without sage.


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Minerals, inorganic substances needed by our bodies for various physiological functions. Phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, potassium, sodium, chlorine, magnesium, manganese, sulfur


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Coffee is a plant originating from the Ethiopian plateau, introduced in Europe through the door of the East, the city of Venice, where the first coffee shop was opened in 1645. Rich in beneficial properties: caffeine, which contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, improves concentration, stimulates physical and mental endurance, improves memory.


The egg is a concentrate of nutrients capable of sustaining and nourishing a new organism. Eggs contain vitamin B1, iron, phosphorus, glucose, essential amino acids and proteins of exceptional quality.


Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts contain a molecule that is able to contriubire to turn off a gene, which science has identified as one of the main players in the growth of cancer. This demonstration comes from an international study whose results are published in the journal Science