Il Sapore

«Il sapore è un insieme di alchimie emotive. Nella costruzione di un piatto io leggo uno studio approfondito e un lavoro intenso ma anche il contrario: la trascuratezza e il pressapochismo. Vi leggo il ritratto di un luogo o di un’etnia. Preferisco il sapore delle materie prime, pure, mangiate nella loro terra di origine nel giusto periodo dell’anno: è una sensazione di completezza, come se tutto fosse al posto giusto al momento giusto. Esistono sapori che sanno dare conforto e quiete: gustarli vuol dire seguire i nostri ricordi, le nostre esperienze e inclinazioni. Nei miei sapori ci sono io, la mia storia, la mia vita: io e il sapore camminiamo insieme da sempre, e nella sua evocazione io trovo il mio rifugio.»

Chef Bruno Barbieri ( LoZingarelli 2020)

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Flavor is a set of emotional alchemy. In the construction of a dish, I see in-depth study and intense work, but also the opposite: carelessness and carelessness. I read the portrait of a place or an ethnic group. I prefer the taste of raw materials, pure, eaten in their land of origin at the right time of year: it is a feeling of completeness, as if everything were in the right place at the right time. There are flavors that can give comfort and peace: tasting them means following our memories, our experiences and inclinations. In my flavors there is me, my story, my life: flavor and I have always walked together, and in its evocation I find my refuge.”


Chef Bruno Barbieri

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Good Health

«Io sto analizzando la salute, ma non ci riesco perché m’accorgo che, analizzandola, la converto in malattia. E scrivendone, comincio a dubitare se quella salute non avesse avuto bisogno di cura o d’istruzione per guarire» (…) « La salute non analizza se stessa e neppure si guarda allo specchio (…)». (Cap. VI La coscienza di Zeno, Italo Svevo).

Good Health

I am analyzing health, but I can’t do it because I realize that by analyzing it, I convert it into illness. And writing about it, I begin to doubt whether that health had not needed care or instruction to heal” (…) “Health does not analyze itself and does not even look at itself in the mirror (…)”.
(Chap. VI The Conscience of Zeno, Italo Svevo)


The deep economic and financial recession of 2008 that hit the economy globally, has led to the emergence of effective strategies to cope with this crisis: sharing practices such as transport, vacation homes, forms of self-production, the so-called disintermediation of the supply chain as the holistic buying groups, farmers markets. Today there is more and more talk of coworking, cohousing, swap parties, but in reality they are experiences that derive from the past, from the crii of the 1930s and the oil shock of the early 1970s. They are reactions to the crisis that, although they appear different, are the same because they are characterized by a greater awareness. Awareness that combines past tools with the current technological ones, which seem to lead us towards a different future, more and more oriented to the sustainability of the planet’s resources, of the human capital, thus allowing us to create new forms of civil participation. We are consciously heading towards the circular economy.




The aim of Greeneatchef, of the GREENPLANET page, is to bring you the latest news about the environment, technology, environmental science, medicine, in other words everything concerning the Planet Earth, but in a comprehensible and accessible way, so that you can have a better knowledge of what is around you, what is happening and so you can choose freely.


Greeneatchef was born as an ante litterm "cookbook", a book of simple recipes, which respect the basic product, attentive to biodiversity, looking at the environment, technology, science, health, everything that can improve each of us, to allow us to improve the environment in which we live. Green food, understood as eating healthy, eating varied, eating in a conscious way, but always respecting the natural cycle of the earth

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BEMA SUSTAINABLE COSMETICS BEMA COSMETICS = SUSTAINABLE COSMETICS BEMA COSMETICS are: NICKEL CHROMIUM AND COBALT TESTED CERTIFIED ORGANIC, VEGAN AND DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED High product quality given the high concentration of plant functional ingredients The raw materials used are totally of natural origin High percentage of organic raw materials (much more than the 20% required by certifying bodies) No use of preservatives, dyes, parabens or synthetic emulsifiers. Alcohol and silicones also not used All products are microbiologically controlled All products are formulated to minimize the risk of skin allergies GMO-free Sustainable cosmetics meaningIn packaging, it uses recycled material from other packaging

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Ginkgo biloba plant with many benefits: most important anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. Contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

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