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Natural ingredients means health on the table. Sustainable agriculture means using practices that are ecologically  valid, economically viable and socially equitable for people.

Beauty green is an approach to beauty that focuses on using natural and sustainable products, avoiding ingredients that are harmful to the environment and health. It also encourages the practice of healthy lifestyles, such as physical activity and a balanced diet, to improve mind and body health.

Green science (or green science) is an interdisciplinary scientific approach that focuses on the research and development of sustainable, low-impact technologies and methodologies to protect and preserve the environment and promote sustainable development globally.

Health & GreenBeauty

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Andkeep is an e-commerce site that offers a wide selection of eco friendly and sustainable products, high quality with respect for the environment. New is the completely vegan fragrance-free balm bar that can also be used in liquid form.

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Kamikaze cosmetics is sustainable cosmetics; vegan, uses natural products, no animal testing, Kamikaze is a new concept in beauty and personal care.

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BODY FARM natural cosmetics, products from natural raw materials, controlled supply chain, use of packaching from recyclable materials, Body farm is also labor protection, Body farm is sustainable cosmetics

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The new action plan for the circular economy presents new initiatives throughout the product life cycle, modernising the classical economy by optimising it for environmental protection.

The aim is to create sustainable products, products that will last and allow each of us to be an active part of the circular economy.

The circular economy starts with what we decide to put in our kitchen cupboard to prepare our daily meals.

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Climate change and environmental degradation are a threat to humanity. With the new Green Deal, Europe has picked up the gauntlet that will lead it towards a new growth that will transform Europe through a sustainable circular economy. The goal is to achieve economic growth that takes into account the resources, which puts at the center the Person and the Environment. No place, no person must be left behind. The European Green Deal is the European goal that will transform European politics, economy, and society, making it more inclusive for all.