Jota is a vegetable, sauerkraut and bean soup.It is a typical specialty of the Trieste Karst, a main course of the rural cuisine, a delicious dish of our days.
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Jota Greeneatcehf
INGREDIENTS for 4 people

300 gr of fresh Lamon or borlotti beans
500 g of sauerkraut (fermented in wooden barrels, also available in 500 g packages)
4 garlic cloves
enough oil
one / two bay leaves (as desired)
1 teaspoon of cumin (to taste)
100 gr of diced bacon (in the more substantial version is also prepared with fresh fat rind, in this case you will use about 100 gr of bacon
3 cut potatoes
1 glass of white wine

First of all, fry the diced bacon with the garlic.
Once the ingredients have been seasoned, you can, if you wish, add one or two bay leaves (which you will remove before serving) and the beans (preferably fresh, but even beans hydrated the night before are fine).
Add water, but not too much, adjust, add cumin
Add potatoes.
Add the sauerkraut. Important: sauerkraut should never, ever be washed, otherwise it takes away that typical taste which is the peculiarity of this type of soup.
Let it cook, add salt and pepper to taste.
Check and stir every now and then, if necessary add liquid or a little bit of wine.
Let cook for the time needed for potatoes and beans to reach perfect cooking, until they become tender.
Let rest.
It becomes more flavorful if served the next day.
Hearty, tasty and unique dish.
Tasty and unforgettable for your palate.
Enjoy your meal

Buon appetito

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Jota Greeneatchef