Kuglof, cuguluf or Gugelhupf is the typical cake made at home by grandmothers in north-eastern Italy. Eggs butter sugar cocoa simply delicious

Kuglof o cuguluf Triestino o Gugelhupf


35 g of brewer’s yeast

280 g of flour

half liter of milk


3/4 yolks

3 eggs

100 g of sugar

90 g of butter

lemon scraping

30 g of bitter cocoa

50 g of sugar for the cream

icing sugar for the covering

Kuglof or cuguluf Triestino or Gugelhupf is the cake that is made in southern Germany, Austria, Slovenia. Simple cake to make at home, a joy for everyone.

Kuglof, cuguluf or gugelhupf is the typical cake made at home by grandmothers in north-eastern Italy. It has a purely Austro-Hungarian or German origin, but it is also known and appreciated in Switzerland and Poland. To make these cakes they required simple ingredients, eggs, butter, sugar, ingredients that are still used today as per tradition, to maintain the taste of this simple and unique cake.

With the yeast, flour, and warm milk, and half a tablespoon of sugar, prepare a soft batter and let it rise.

When it has doubled in volume, add the yolks and whole eggs one at a time, alternating with small amounts of sugar.

Mix the whole mixture very well

Add a pinch of salt

Gradually add the remaining flour.

Knead the dough for 39 minutes, then add the warm butter that you have previously melted, and the lemon. Continue to beat the dough until bubbles form, indicating that the dough has become soft and light.

Divide the cream thus obtained in half.

Mix in one of the two parts the cocoa and sugar that you have first dissolved in water or milk.


Take the cuguluf mold and fill it in layers. A layer of cream without cocoa, another layer of cocoa cream, and so on until the end.

Let it rise until it doubles in volume and put it in the oven for an hour at 180/200 degrees.

Serve with a dusting of powdered sugar.