Green lasagna with green celery and a soft heart of gorgonzola, delicious, silky and warm to the heart

Lasagna in the oven, with green celery and gorgonzola cheese


Light recipe with green celery

500 grams of lasagna

6 celery stalks (cut off the tough green part and use only the white part)

1 yellow onion

20 gr of gorgonzola cheese

2 slices of parmareggio cheese

300 grams of bacon

1/2 bicch. of white wine

olive oil to taste

salt to taste.

Lasagna in the oven, with delicate celery and gorgonzola cheese filling

Light recipe with green celery

Put on the water, bring it to a boil.
Prepare the celery. Wash it, cut off the leathery part, keep only the white part. Cut into rounds. Leave some of these slices aside to garnish your lasagna at the end, before baking.
In the meantime, chop some onion and cut the bacon, shred it.
Sauté the celery with the onion, add the bacon, let the celery wilt, and blend with the onion.
Add the gorgonzola cheese (a little, otherwise it will cover the flavor of the celery). Let it cook, then use the multiplier to create a cream.
Prepare the lasagna (if you have some at home, blanch it in boiling water. Use kitchen tongs to place them in an ovenproof dish. Make a layer of lasagna and one of the creams that you have previously prepared. Alternate also with two or three slices of Parmesan cheese (or other stringy cheese as desired, but that is not too much, otherwise it covers the fresh flavor of celery).
Continue with layers until all the celery cream is used up. On the last layer, sprinkle the slices that you have previously set aside.
Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.
Ready. Serve hot.