Melvita, sustainable BIO cosmetics. Melvita guarantees complete traceability of ingredients from 20 traceable supply chains from seed to final product.



MELVITA PIONEER brand in French conscious BIO COSMETICS.

Melvita was born in the Ardèche over 35 years ago, in the heart of an unspoiled wilderness in southern France.

All ingredients are naturally derived! Melvita guarantees that the ingredients from her 20 traceable supply chains can be traced from the seed to the finished product. And, in accordance with the CosmeBio Charter, she do not use:

• certain preservatives, such as parabens, phenoxyethanol and methylisothiazolinone

• chemical sunscreens

• silicones

• mineral oils (vaseline, paraffin, etc.)

• aluminum salts

• synthetic colorants

MELVITA products are BIO products certified by ECOCERT and hold COSMEBIO® certification

Melvita sources many of its naturally derived and organic ingredients via 20 traceable supply chains. In Morocco they go even further, working with producers and taking an ethical and fair trade approach that incorporates the principles of the Fair For Life standard. (available at

is a defender of natural beauty. It respects Nature and creates products that respect your skin.