A quick and super easy dish to make. You don't need anything but good, fresh ingredients. Everything is amalgamated with the harmony of colors and flavors. Enjoy your meal!
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elongated red peppers

1/2 glass of vinegar (as desired)

fine salt

extra virgin olive oil

garlic in oil


30 gr. of pickled capers

2 cloves of garlic

tuna, breadcrumbs or crumbs, one egg

Prepare the mixture with the tuna, garlic, capers, chopped parsley and the egg. The ingredients should be finely chopped. Amalgamate everything well and let it rest, add salt if necessary and a little olive oil. In a separate pan, after having washed and cleaned them, open the peppers and cook them on a drizzle of oil. Be careful that they don’t burn, but they should cook on a moderate flame for about 8 / 10 minutes ( depends on the size).