Pharmalife research is a leading manufacturer and distributor of dermocosmetics, medical devices, and dietary supplements. Pharmalife research's mission is to offer safe, effective and high quality products designed for wellness and health.


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Aspersina Restructure Face Mask

Instant B.O.T. ultra lifting anti-aging mask with snail slime, biomimetic peptides and botox-like peptides.

Multi-active and perfecting face mask with a light, fresh and silky texture, specifically against sagging skin, marked wrinkles and mature skin. It compacts, relaxes and counteracts signs of aging. Snail Slime, Hyaluronic Acid, Black Orchid, Biomimetic Peptides, Botox-Like Peptides, Ceramides and Rosemary

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Brand Collagenat


Pharmalife research is a leading manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements, dermocosmetics and medical devices, and has been present in the pharmacy, parapharmacy and herbalist channels for more than two decades. Our company is particularly sensitive and attentive to consumer needs.

For over twenty years, PHARMALIFE RESEARCH through rigorous scientific methodologies, has been studying and researching medicinal plants and its derivatives, thus developing new and effective therapeutic opportunities.

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