Phytorelax laboratories was born in the 1980s in Bologna, transformed and conquered the world with Phytorelax laboratories. 2020s certified vegan products = sustainable cosmetics

Sustainable cosmetics

1980s. Harbour, the natural cosmetics company, was born in the heart of Bologna. The founding values of Harbour are, from the beginning, related to innovation and the culture of natural wellness.

Phytorelax Laboratories

In the 1990s, a new product was born in the Harbour scientific laboratory that was very innovative for the trichology market of those years: a hair ampoule formulated with a mixture of 33 natural ingredients, wisely divided between plant extracts and essential oils. A true plant-based beauty treatment dedicated to the professional world, which until then had never appreciated the potential of natural cosmetics. The port vial was an immediate success; beauty salon clients were very happy after the treatment and reported a feeling of skin relief and well-being they had never experienced before. It was because of this commercial success that the name Phytorelax was born: a name that encapsulates its philosophy, namely; well-being and relaxation, derived from the use of functional active ingredients and plant extracts.

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It was from special hair vials that the Phytorelax Laboratories brand was born in 2000; a philosophy, a new way of conceiving beauty. Phytorelax’s is a type of cosmetics that speaks not only of Nature; the products are born to be a bridge between plants and people who want to be well. The first line of Bach Flowers was born in those years, the result of collaboration with well-known experts in traditional and unconventional medicine. A line that is still today among the most requested by customers as it perfectly combines the concept of cosmetics and psychophysical well-being.
Subsequently, new innovative cosmetic lines were created that combined Nature and Science. At the heart of each project is a deep and careful study of the properties of each plant that Nature offers. Indeed, with the passage of time, the Phytorelax Laboratories brand was enriched with a wide range of monographic lines, now icons, such as Olive, Almond, Shea Butter, Cocoa and Argan, where passion for Nature meets cosmetic research.

At the same time, curiosity and the desire to create even more original packaging that can stand out in the market for natural products are growing, and the result of this brings out a new study of packaging and its materials. The goal is to focus on an unprecedented combination: Nature and Design. Thus was born in 2008 the decision to use packaging with a square design, absolutely innovative in the world of cosmetics, elegant, refined but not elitist. Transparent and amber-colored materials are preferred; this is a feature that still represents the Phytorelax Laboratories brand. A smart choice intended to convey a clear message to customers, but at the same time to safeguard the quality and nature of the cosmetic formula contained within.

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Beginning in the 2010s, new markets opened up, primarily to the United States, which enhanced the brand’s design, Italian elegance and professional approach. Today the Bologna-based Phytorelax Laboratories brand is exported to 35 countries around the world, establishing itself as one of the best European export brands in cosmetics. Its message is international: Phytorelax Laboratories represents refined yet accessible cosmetics, based on innovative and effective products resulting from an ever-present synergy of Nature, Science and Design.


Ever more attentive to people’s desires and respect for our planet, Phytorelax creates its first certified organic line COSMOS ORGANIC, developed in compliance with the highest standards applicable to organic cosmetics, according to the criteria of the Cosmos Standards, the strict regulations recognized at the European and international level.


In 2018, the brand “INTRA, La Natura Dentro” was relaunched, with a new Hair Care line composed of a wide range of AIAB Certified Organic, Vegan OK products, free of Parabens, Silicones and Artificial Dyes.  In the same year, the offer was implemented with a line dedicated to facial and body beauty. The relaunch of the Intra brand met with great success and a new cosmetic line was formulated that was very gentle on the scalp: the “Oils-Shampoos for sensitive skin”. 

They stand out for being among the few certified organic and vegan shampoo oils on the market. To complement the “Bodycare Bath and Shower” line, a specific line is created for cleansing the most delicate skin: the “Shower Oils,” which can cleanse, protect the skin’s hydrolipidic film and nourish the skin without making it greasy.