There is a very simple rule to nourish our body and mind, never forget certain types of food, essential for the well-being of our most important organ, the brain.

SALVAMENTE is an italian acronym used to keep in mind the foods that serve to nourish the brain

Literally means save your mind and the beginning of each letter corresponds to foods that you must not forget to put in your shopping cart, have fun

S – spices

A – antioxidants

L – dairy products (kefir, yogurt and some cheeses)

V – vegetables and fruits in abundance and varied, colorful

A – foods rich in fiber, fermented foods and foods intended as fish

M – blueberries, berries, legumes

E – fair amount of oils and good fats

N – nuts, almonds, cashews, dried fruits in general

T – many, many foods rich in omega-3

E – and lean proteins of vegetable origin