Seafood salad means sea, summer, vacation, sun, but seafood salad is also very healthy, very beneficial, is synonyms of simple and natural food.
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500 g of mussels

1 lemon

2 glass of dry white wine

2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar

4 baby octopus

150 g of squid rings

150 g of cuttlefish

150 f of shrimps

1 yellow bell pepper

celery and parsley

fine salt, white pepper

evo oil

Clean the mussels and put them in a pot with the lemon juice. Cover and cook over high heat until they open. Remove the mussels and put them in a bowl. Boil 1 liter of water with half a glass of wine and vinegar, and then throw in the molluscs with their mouths removed. Cook them covered for at least 25 minutes. Turn off the heat and let them cool in their cooking liquid. Cook in a liter of water with the remaining wine and a pinch of salt the squid rings, the cuttlefish, then drain them and let them cool and add them in a bowl.

In the meantime, boil the shrimps for 4 minutes; once they have cooled, remove the carapace. Boil the bell bell pepper in water for about 10 minutes, peel it and cut it into strips. Add it to the salad with the shrimps. Cut the baby octopus into pieces and finish the salad. Dress with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and chopped parsley.

Enjoy your meal!