Stuffed artichokes recipe an alternative to artichokes alla giudia. A tasty stuffing made of meat or vegetable.


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Take 10 artichokes, remove their outer leaves, trim them, cut off the stem and open the leaves so that you can remove with a small knife the grumino that is in the middle.

Open it ( the grumino), remove its hair ( if there is any) and use its small leaves to join them to the stuffing.


100 grams of ham ( leave the fat from the ham), half a clove of garlic, a quarter of a baby onion, a few leaves of parsley and celery, a handful of dried mushrooms, some bread crumbs crumbled and soaked in milk, a pinch of pepper.

Chop all the ingredients inside a bowl, then add the mixture into the hollow of the artichoke, put all the artichokes in a pan, add a little water ( two fingers or three) sprinkle the artichokes with a little oil and let them cook, making sure that they brown well but do not burn ( add a little water if necessary).

If, on the other hand, you want to make artichokes stuffed with meat, then take about 200 grams of veal meat ( the gram size obviously depends on the amount of artichokes — in this case it should be enough for five to six medium-sized artichokes). Then, 200 grams of veal which you will mince, 60 grams of ham, a quarter of onion a pinch of softened dried mushrooms, some breadcrumbs ( to make the filling soft here too the trick is to soak it in milk), a good grating of Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper ( if necessary and to taste) and the lump of the artichokes themselves that you removed earlier. Chop it all up and fill the artichokes. Bake them in the oven or in a frying pan. 180 degrees for about 30 minutes ( check depending on your oven), if they start to dry out add a little water. If you make them in a pan proceed as above.

Enjoy! the best second course there is, stuffed artichoke a different recipe from artichoke alla giudia.