Mandorlatto - nougat recipe, a traditional nougat recipe, tasty and easy to make, good to try.

Mandorlatto or nougat

traditional nougat recipe

Mandorlatto or nougat.

Here a traditional nougat recipe derived from “pinocchiate” , sweet with pine nuts, later replaced by almonds.

6 egg whites

120 grams of powdered sugar

60 grams of whole pine nuts

candied and shredded orange or candied lemon

sprinkle of flour

60 grams of almonds

60 grams of peanuts

100 grams of honey

Clean the almonds ( or pine nuts or hazelnuts) then blanch them in boiling water before proceeding. Set them aside.

Whisk the 6 egg whites; add the 120 grams of powdered sugar, 60 grams of pine nuts, candied fruit and a pinch of white flour. Mix the mixture, add the honey ( adjust). Place the mixture on a nonstick baking sheet that you have previously buttered. Spread the mixture into equal portions. Bake in a not-too-high, not-too-hot oven until the pine nuts ( or almonds or peanuts) “brown” .

An easy to make and good traditional christmas nougat recipe, try it.

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