Lamb Ragout. It is not a rare lamb, but it is a lamb ragout. Delicious tasty dish, ancient, but always current. Easy and simple to prepare. Lamb, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, garlic and a little pecorino cheese. Served!
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500 gr of lamb shoulder
400 g of ripe tomatoes
3/4 garlic cloves
1 dl of dry white wine
extra virgin olive oil as needed
one or two sprigs of rosemary
1/2 onion
salt and pepper to taste
Pecorino cheese

Can you eat a lamb rare? I don’t know, but with this simple recipe you will satisfy the most demanding of your diners. Try it!
Clean the lamb. Remove the bone and set aside.
In the meantime, bring the water to a boil. Salt it. Soak the bones that you set aside (then remove them).
In a saucepan put a little extra virgin olive oil, whole or chopped garlic (if whole, it will be easy to remove). Add the coarsely chopped lamb meat. Let it fry and then add some tomatoes (depending on taste), also roughly chopped. Let it cook and check by adding a little white wine and the sprig of rosemary (being careful that it does not disperse in the sauce). When it gets to a good point, throw the noodles into the water previously brought to a boil. Obviously you will have removed the bones first left to soak.
Once the pasta is cooked al dente, drain it and mantecatela with the sauce that has been cooked in the meantime, stir and grate with a little ‘pecorino cheese.
Serve hot! Enjoy your meal!