Pantelleria (from Arabic "Bint Ar-Riàh"-daughter of the wind) is an island where nature is free and spontaneous. Here grows the macchia meditteranea, vegetation rich in properties that are transformed into NERA' PANTELLERIA products. The raw material is grown by the Zighidì farm. Nerà Pantelleira is authentically sustainable cosmetics.


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Pantelleria (from the Arabic “Bint Ar-Riàh”-daughter of the wind) is an island where nature is free, spontaneous and authentic, immersed in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, warmed by the intense sun and the strong wind that has shaped its shape over the centuries.Here grows vegetation, rough, austere and powerful. The specific biodiversity offers plants with multiple beneficial properties, scents and essences.Time has given this black, volcanic land precious natural elements and minerals. From this land comes NERA’ PANTELLERIA, a brand that reflects its strength and character: each of its products thus becomes a concentrate of its essence.

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The Zighidì Farm takes its name from the ‘district of the same name and carries with it the energy of the island where it was born: Pantelleria. A hilly, breezy and unique terrain that covers more than 40000 m² covered with spontaneous vegetation of Mediterranean herbs and shrubs, vineyards of the prized Zibibbo Grape and centuries-old Cultivar Biancolilla olive trees, one of the oldest native Sicilian varieties. A story of innovation and tradition that has continued for three generations, made up of love for the land, harvesting, extraction, but above all of deep respect for the roots linked to these places.This is where products with ingredients of natural origin and derivation for the care and beauty of the body are born.